A safer space in Medellin, Colombia

Help create a secure outdoor area for fellowship and recreation in Medellin, Colombia.

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you can see from the pictures and the proposed design we have our work cut out for us. The Lord gave us a large backyard with the building when it was first purchased back a few years ago. We have been in what seems like a continual building process and just haven’t had the finances nor seen the priority of dealing with the backyard until now. We are now in another phase of building construction and along with current improvements being made think it necessary to utilize our backyard space.


Our backyard has until now been a weed overgrown lot perfect for neighborhood kids looking for a place to hide their devious behaviors. Since the fence is hardly adequate, no one is inhibited from coming in and drinking alcohol, having bonfires, smoking marijuana (among other things we don’t know about) and leaving all their trash behind.

Our vision is to have this area completely enclosed with a high security fence (not uncommon in Colombia for a church property). That will include having to repair the existing block wall. It is broken in various locations and will need some leveling and reinforcing in order to sustain the chain link fence and razor wire that will be placed on top. The end product will produce a safe area for our children to play without constant worry of what they may find, or injure themselves with.

Add to that a freshly landscaped yard. We intend to create two separate levels. On one level we will have a micro soccer field and on the other a general space used for playground equipment and a small barbecue area. This will involve heavy excavation and shaping as the ground is nearly as hard as concrete. The two levels will be separated by a net fence and a step-seating area made by short brick retaining walls. The whole entire area will be planted with a suitable grass durable enough to withstand constant traffic.

On the micro soccer field we will have two goals. On the lower level we will need multiple benches along with a barbecue/bonfire area to use for fellowships and activities. We plan also to place a small playground set on the lower level.

The vision has been a few years in the making and due to recent growth we now feel the need to make it a reality. Please consider the investment. It will transform the grounds especially for the children. It will also dramatically increase our ability to have large in-house outreaches and ultimately allow us to preach Christ to many more. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration. May God bless you richly in Christ Jesus.

Your Missionary to Colombia,

Mark Gerosin
Lk 1:37

Total estimated price of project:

Block wall repair and fence installation – $3,000.00
General Landscaping – $1,000.00
Playground – $1,000.00
TOTAL NEED – $5,000.00

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