Niger – Sermons and the Bible on SD cards & MegaVoice!

We will be providing sermons and the Bible on SD Cards and Solar-powered MegaVoice platform for the unreached of Niger.

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Republic of Niger

Hi! We are Brenson and Joanna Jennings.  We are serving the Lord in Niger, Africa.

We are excited about the opportunity to distribute sermons, gospel singing, and the Bible on SD Memory Cards and solar powered mp3 players made by MegaVoice. The Megavoice devices will be configured so that nothing can be added or deleted from the devices unless we update the content for them. We would like to distribute these SD Cards and MegaVoice units across the desert as we visit villages. We have found that these memory cards and MegaVoice MP3 players are a discreet but effective way to share God’s Word. We distribute primarily in the languages of Tamajaq and Hausa, but also have Fulfulde, Arabic, French, Gourmantche, and Zarma audio files available for those who prefer those languages.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Nigeriens to hear the gospel and listen to the Bible in their own language!  For a small donation of just $7, you may be providing the only gospel voice someone in the remote desert of Africa will ever hear. Please consider donating to this wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel to a remote part of the world, and please pray for our ministry here in Niger as well!

Brenson and Joanna

(Please see our latest update just below the photo below.)