Papua New Guinea – Drywall Project

The first step of the Port Moresby ministry is finishing our home.

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We are Matt and Becky Allen, and we have been working with That They May Know for the last eleven years in Kotidanga, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. God called us to move into Port Moresby to start a Bible college, and we made that move earlier this year. Upon moving into the city, we built the shell of our house—the walls are up; the doors and windows are on. But the inside has not yet been completed. Currently, we are using one corner of the house for sleeping and cooking.

In order to complete the inside of my house, we need 310 sheets of drywall. Currently, there is no ceiling in the house, nor are there walls. We have walls framed in, but we need to purchase the sheetrock (drywall). The cost per sheet in Port Moresby is $22; however we can purchase and ship sheets from the States for $15.40 each. We also know what quality sheets we will get from Home Depot as opposed to what is available in-country.

With temperatures of close to 100 degrees every day, the house is currently a hotbox with our metal roof. The drywall will allow us to put in insulation and eventually to run an air conditioner. Until then, we have one big open room that gets quite hot.

To finish our house, I need 310 sheets of drywall. I’ve compared prices between buying in the States and shipping them versus buying them in Port Moresby. We will save $2,000 by buying them and shipping from the States.The cost per sheet is $15.38 each including shipping and import duty.

97 sheets would cost $1,500; 154 sheets would cost $2,384; all 310 sheets would cost $4767.80

God has provided everything we need to build to this point, and I know that He will provide this next step in His timing.

Thanks for wanting to be a part of what we are doing!